June 19, 2021
Dice bag! Full of Dice!

Making dice bags, a quick walkthru

So in the very near future (target is Friday) I’ll be embarking on Phase 1 of my #250DiceBagsChallenge, wherein I am going to make and attempt to sell 250 dice bags with the proceeds going towards upgrading my sewing machine. Aw Yiss.

I finished the first batch of 50 bags today, so I took the time to document the process. It took me while to come up with this pattern since I’m a weirdo perfectionist sort of person, and it’s a bit complicated with lots of fiddly little steps.

These aren’t the greatest photos, but my studio is in the basement where it’s cool, so that’s where I stayed (it’s currently 41C with humidity, so dark & cool basements are where we live right now).

First off, the finished product. These bags are 3″ wide, 5″ tall, and 2.25″ deep. They are fully lined (and reversible), have no exposed seams, and are freestanding (meaning they stand up on their own and stay open). They comfortably hold 70-75 dice, but you can cram more in if you need to.

So, here’s a very quick walkthru of how these are made…

two rectangles of fabric
1. Cut two pieces of fabric – one for the exterior, one for the lining.
2. Stack the fabric right-sides-together and pin.
3. Sew both ends to make a tube, then press the seams open.
4. Match the seams, mark where the side seams will start & stop, and pin.
5. Sew the side seams (leaving a space in the lining for turning the bag right-side-in later), and press. This photo is pre-pressing.
6. Box the corners, marking where the bottom seams need to be and pinning.
7. Sew the bottom seams, press to set, and trim excess fabric.
8. Using the gap left in the lining, turn the whole mess right-side in.
9. Tuck the lining into the exterior.
10. Carefully press the top seams so they’re nice and flat.
11. Top stitch along the top seam, then tie off and bury the threads. (This is pre-tie/bury.)
12. Top stitch again, all the way around the bag, to define the bottom of the cord channel.
13. Pull the inside out again! This is the hole used to turn the bag right-sides-in. It needs to be stitched closed. Unfortunately this has to be done by hand.
14. Stitch the hole closed using a slip-stitch. If you’re good at this stitch, it’s almost invisible. I am getting pretty good at it!
15. Add the drawstrings!
16. All done! Yay!

So that’s how I make dice bags. Obviously they’re not just for dice — they’re super cute and can be used for lots of different things!

Feel free to ping me on any of the social medias (or email) if you would like a custom dice bag made — I can make them bigger than this, and I can get all kinds of different prints and styles of fabric. Ok!