June 19, 2021
Clarendon Quilt Pattern - throw size image

Let’s try to do more of this blogging thing…

Once upon a time, I worked in the tech industry as a writer. I wrote technical documentation, I wrote newsletters, I wrote scads and scads of blog posts, and later I wrote product specs and other less-interesting whatnots. My job was more or less a 50/50 combo of sitting in meetings and writing stuff. And I loved it for a long time…until I didn’t. I burned out, and I burned out hard.

So I left the tech industry (it’s long story, maybe worth telling someday?), and when I did I also mostly stopped writing. Instead I dove back into art and photography — two old loves that I had pushed to a back burner for some twenty-odd years. That creative drive slowly morphed into designing and making quilts, and here we are today, with me working to turn my insane love for quilting into a living as an independent designer.

Now that my creativity and energy are focused on quilting & quilt design, I find I’ve got an itch to start talking about it more. Writing about it — about my creative process, about the things I’m learning, about the things I’m working on. Maybe writing up tutorials and little quilty life-hacks. And other such things…

Once upon a time, I wrote on my blog almost every day. It’s a set of muscles I haven’t really exercised in an awfully long time, but let’s see where this can go.

The quilt pattern at the top of this is my current and almost-finished pattern design. It is called “Clarendon” and I’m hoping to get that published in a few days. Stay tuned!

Clarendon Quilt Pattern – Mini Version (40 x 40″)